Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Roofing Repairs
There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than a successful DIY project. Notice the one very important word in that sentence: successful. Not all DIY projects turn out that way for one reason or another. It is important to look at all the angles before deciding between doing it yourself and calling in a professional. If you are considering DIY roofing repair, for example, here are some things you need to recognize. We are pretty sure once you do, you’ll realize that you shouldn’t attempt DIY roofing repairs.

  • It might not save you money. One of the main reasons to do any DIY project is to save money, but that is often not the case with roofing repair. By the time you add up the materials, supplies, equipment, and possibly an ER visit or hospital stay, a DIY roofing repair could become very costly. Since leaks can travel quite a long way, causing the wood to rot and become weak, you could end up falling through where you least expect it. Ladder accidents are also common.
  • You could make it worse. While you are repairing one part, you could be causing more damage to other areas. In addition, you could easily miss other areas that also require roofing repair. If you think you resolved the problem but left these unresolved, you have a false sense of security and won’t be watchful for ongoing water damage.
  • Insurance and warranty issues. DIY roofing repair can void the manufacturer warranty, and it could make a future roof damage claim be denied by your insurance company because your inexperience could have caused the problem, not the materials themselves.

If these reasons have convinced you to seek out professional roofing repair services, give us a call at All American Roofing & Restoration. We are hail and wind damage specialists and experienced with making roofing last as long as possible. We’ll also give you a straight answer if you should save the money and put it toward replacement instead. Call today to learn more.