What You Need to Know About Shingle Residential Roofing

With so many people talking about metal roofing these days, it may seem like shingle residential roofing is on its way out of favor. The reality is that shingles are still the favored roofing material for new construction, as well as replacement roofing projects. Here’s what you need to know about why shingles are still a popular choice.

  1. Durability – Metal roofs are durable—make no mistake about that—but so are shingles. Advances in technology have made today’s products exceptionally long-lasting. Provided they are installed properly, you can enjoy 20 years or more from a quality product. Manufacturers are even offering 50-year warranties on their higher-grade shingle products, provided they are installed by a certified contractor.
  2. Cost – You won’t find a more cost-effective residential roofing option than shingles. Even the higher-grade products cost significantly less than other materials and represent a good value when they can last nearly as long.
  3. Recyclable – If you don’t want to see your roof end up in a landfill one day, you’ll love that shingles are recyclable. Not all residential roofing companies are recycling shingles right now, but by the time yours is ready to be replaced, many most likely will be.
  4. Variety – The variety of styles and colors is so vast that you will have no trouble matching your home’s architecture and your personal preferences. Some shingles even mimic other materials, such as looking like slate, tile or wood.

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