Roofers vs. Roofing Contractors vs. Roofing Companies

If you are in need of roof repair, installation, or replacement, then you probably are considering hiring some help. There are three main types of help you can hire to work on your roof. There are roofers, roofing contractors, and roofing companies. It is important to know the difference between these so that you can be sure to hire the right professionals for your situation.

  • Roofers – This is any person that is able to work on roofs. This is a broad term that can mean a lot of things. A roofer may or may not be licensed and insured. They may or may not work independently or under a roofing contractor. When hiring roofers, it is important to make sure that they hold the proper licensing and insurance and are able to provide all of the necessary tools to complete the job safely and in a timely manner.
  • Roofing Contractors – Roofing contractors have been licensed to work as a contractor. They can have their own roofers complete the work or hire subcontractors. You will want to find out what your roofing contractor plans to do. Will they be using their own employees or using subcontractors? Lastly, roofing contractors can work under roofing companies.
  • Roofing Companies – Roofing companies are legal entities that use licensed roofers to complete their jobs. Roofing companies are usually more established and have often been in business for longer. They frequently offer a warranty on their work. Lastly, they typically only work with their own employees, which helps to ensure that you are getting a higher quality result.