How to Prepare for Your Roof Installation

Have you made arrangements for a new roof installation? Getting a new roof can be an exciting time. Plus, investing in a new roof will give you the assurance of a functioning roof for the years to come. When preparing for your roof to be installed, there a few guidelines to follow to ensure a smooth install. Here’s how to prepare for your upcoming roof installation.

  • Clear the Surrounding Area – When preparing for your roof installation it’s important to keep safety in mind for both the workers and your loved ones. We suggest that kids and pets stay away from the surrounding area of the roof — this will ensure everyone will remain safe in the case of materials or tools falling off the roof. Additionally, we suggest clearing the area of any vehicles, patio furniture, grills, or any other belongings.
  • Remove Wall Hangings – Installing a roof involves a lot of banging and impact on your roof. This can cause your ceiling and walls on the inside of our home to vibrate which can then cause wall hangings and decorations to fall. To ensure your belongings don’t get damaged, we suggest removing all wall hangings and decorations prior to installation day.
  • Cover Attic Belongings – If you happen to have an attic in your home, your belongings may be subject to getting dust and debris on them due to the work being done on your roof. Covering your belongings with a sheet will keep your items from getting overly dirty.
  • Remove Anything on the Roof – If you have a satellite dish, antenna, or maybe even a lost frisbee, these items should be removed before installation day.

We hope these tips have guided you through the best ways to prepare for your roof installation. If you have any questions regarding roof installation, or other services we provide, please contact us.