Commercial Roofing Spotlight: Homeowners’ Association Tips

If you manage a homeowners’ association (HOA), one of the things that might be on your plate is keeping up with commercial roofing issues. While the homes themselves are technically residential, you may want to work with a commercial roofing professional because of the complexity and size of the project involved. There are two situations where having a commercial roofing team involved can be helpful. The first is when you are in charge of telling homeowners in your community that they need to replace their roof. The other is when you handle it as part of the HOA’s responsibility.

The first can be a bit trickier because the homeowner could hire a less-experienced residential roofing company that tells them their roof is just fine or only needs some repairs. If you have a reputable commercial roofing company involved, they can help explain why the roofing needs to be replaced, as well as handle it for them better because of their experience. In addition, if the homeowner refuses and the issue becomes a legal battle, you’ll have the support of a professional commercial roofing company to state your case.

For the latter case, you will make your residents far happier if the quality and the pricing of the commercial roofing is as they expect. You want a company that has the larger capacity and financial strength to handle the job and be there for follow-up during the warranty period and beyond.

If you would like to know more about commercial roofing that will serve you well for either of these situations, give us a call at All American Roofing & Restoration. We are a full-service roofing contractor handling both residential and commercial roofing, putting us in the unique position of handling HOA roofing issues better than most.